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About Bangladeshifoods.com

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Welcome to Bangladeshi Foods! My name is Md Rifat Chowdhury, and I created Bangladeshi Foods to celebrate how nourishing, fun, and delicious cooking Bangladeshi Foods can be. I hope that the recipes here inspire you to try cooking a new meal, or try cooking a familiar meal in a new way. You’ll find a host of inventive Bangladeshi Foods recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweets, vegetables and snacks but I also want Bangladeshi Foods to be a resource for you.
In my opinion, healthy eating is all about balance, so you’ll find recipes for brownies, cakes, cookies, and more here too.


Md Rifat Chowdhury is a Web Developer with lots of hobbies and ‘cooking’ is one of them. He loves to cook because his Mom cooks very delicious foods for him and his family. he loves to cook and try different dishes of his country and also other regions. he would love to share new recipes with everyone. He wants to show His country’s culture so that it can reach every corner of the world. That is the main reason behind opening Bangladeshifoods blog. Hope you all will enjoy it.


Do I have to be Bangladeshi to enjoy the recipes?
Nope! In My Opinion Everyone have to right to cook and enjoy a good meal.
My Recipes Are Multilingual, I Kept Google Translator Option For My Readers So That They Can Understand The Recipes In Their Own language and can enjoy the delicious foods of bangladesh alone or with families.


There are so many recipes on your site! Where do I start?
First, sign up for our Email. Our newest recipes (and no spam!) will go straight to your inbox, and you’ll also get a chance to be informed every time when their is a competition. Otherwise, start by checking search option or Popular Recipes in the sidebar.

Do you have a cookbook?
I currently have no cookbooks but as time will pass by i have plans to publish cookbooks for our visitors. Also If You’re Subscribed to our Newsletter you’ll be the first one to be informed when ever something new is going to come .

Are you on social media?
You betcha! Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, linkedin and twitter.

What’s your favorite food?
All Kinds Of foods are my favorites but the most favorites are those foods which are related to chickens also i love to eat sweets.

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